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What a great idea!. Now your kids can write on the wall!

Eversave: $15 for a six-foot, peel-and-stick chalkboard, plus free shipping (Reg. $39.99). Click here to check it out

Writing on the wall: The decal easily adheres to walls and other flat surfaces to give you an instant chalkboard. Cut it into pieces to make menus and shopping lists or into fun shapes to stick around the playroom. Four pieces of colored chalk are included to start you off.

Easy to clean: The decal peels easily from walls without leaving a residue and wipes clean just like a chalkboard.

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  1. Krista Grandstaff says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! We were just talking this morning about getting the paint and doing it to a section of wall, but I was hesitant because the last time I used a spray can and goggles and looked like a raccoon when I was done..LOL! This would be perfect!

  2. Dorothy Boucher says:

    this is wonderful, i have thought about this a lot , have a chalkboard in my kitchen since it seems to be where all the little ones like to hang out..LOLL Thanks for sharing @tisonlyme143

  3. Heather Hoffman says:

    This is perfect! I wanted to put a chalkboard on the back of my child’s door but this is a better idea. Thank you for sharing. :)

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