My Publix Shop: Paid $95.30 & Got 2 Gas Cards!!

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Finally I am home after a long day!!… With the New Year’s Resolution it was time to stock up on healthy cereals… (they will be my breakfast and dinner for a few weeks).. This shop was done in 1 transaction… My store usually does not allow it, but during Gas Card week they are lenient..

Here’s the Breakdown:

4 Crunchmaster Crackers BOGO $3.19

Used: (4) $1/1 Crunchmaster Crackers (SS 11/18/12)

Final Price: $2.40 for all or $0.60 each

2 Ragu Pasta Sauces BOGO $2.67


(1) $1.50/2 Ragu Pasta Sauces Publix Coupon (Best Meals At Home)

(1) $1/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce (SS 1/06/12)

Final Price: $0.17 for both or 9 cents each

8 GE Reveal Light bulbs BOGO $5.49


(8) $2/1 Select GE Lightbulb Target printable (there’s 2 coupons that you can print on the site = 4 coupons per computer)

(4) $1/2 General Electric Energy Smart, Reveal CFL, Energy Efficient Reveal or Energy Efficient Soft White Lighting Item printable

Final Price: $3.92 for all or $0.49 each

12 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese BOGO $1.65 (donation item)

Used: (4) $1/3 Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, exp. 1/9/13 (SS 12/09/12 R)

Final Price: $5.90 or 49 cents each 

8 Emergen-C $3.99 each (donation item)


(4) $5.00 off (2) Caltrate, Centrum Multivitamin, Centrum ProNutrients, Centrum Specialist or Emergen-C Products (Publix Green Advantage Flyer) 

(8) $1.50/1 Emergen-C Drink Mix, exp. 1/31/13 (RP 12/09/12)

Final Price: FREE

6 Special K Cereals $2.50 each

Used: (6) $0.70 off any ONE Kellogg’s Special K Cereal

Final Price: $10.8 for all or $1.8 each

Note: tried using the YAF Coupon ($3 off Publix Purified or Spring Water wyb (2) Kellogg’s Special K Items) but manager did not allow it… YMMV)

3 Natural Waters $0.78

Final Price: $2.34

4 Hunt’s Tomatoes BOGO $1.49

Used: (1) $1/4 Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes Target Coupon

Final Price: $1.98 for all or 50 cents each

2 Crystal Light Drinks BOGO $3.49

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  1. Innette says

    Great shop Tiffany, my $5 off $30 expired on 12/31 and I refuse to shop before I get some more. Lets see how long my strike will last. Do u know if there are any current specials on enjoy the city books

    • Wilmi says

      Currently they have the Ultimate Florida books (exp. 6/2013) @ $3.50…. Buy 40, get 60 Free. You will pay $140 for 100 books, net price of $1.40 each/$.35 per coupon. Use code 2013

      The regular 2013 books are also on sale, but at a much higher price.

    • says

      hahah Innette!! you are boycotting Publix?
      Wilmi just told you of a great deal
      Meanwhile why don’t you use $3 off $30 Publix coupon in recycle bank? it’s free and it’s easy to earn points!

      • Erica says

        Do you have any idea when they normally start discounting the regular books? I have about 8 coupons left (that expire 6/2013 but I’m sure I can use them before then).

        • Dee says

          I’m hoping soon. The Ultimate books are a great deal but the W/D coupons expire in June 2013 and I still have regular books with other coupons I use, that should last me until they expire in June (I also paid $1.66 a book so now I’m spoiled!!!).

          They seem to be running deals often, using the holidays as an excuse, so maybe look for a new sale around Valentines or President’s Day? Maybe just a Winter sale in January?

  2. Erica says

    Nice trip. Where do you donate the Emergen-C? I emailed tons of shelters and finally the health dept and they told me no organizations will take vitamin products… I have a ton of nature made still that I want to do something with, instead of just throw out. Thanks!

    • nata says

      I have tons of Sundown & Nature Made Vitamins too and I don’t know where it can be donated. I believe that there are plenty of people who will need them.

    • says

      Well if you live In the Broward Area I’ve donated tons of vitamins along with food to the Broward Outreach Center.. I never asked if I can take vitamins.. I just take them!! lol! here’s the address:
      2056 Scott Street
      Hollywood, FL
      (954) 926-7417

      • Erica says

        Thanks. I just emailed them. I’ve noticed that some places will not refuse them but will just throw them out as they are not allowed to give them out. We’ll see if this place is different. My favorite charity to donate to is Women in Distress (in Deerfield, or maybe it’s Margate) but yeah, they won’t take vitamins or medicines of any kind.

  3. Erica says

    On the trips note, I spent 62.08 saved 59 something. I got the gas card of course in there, and they would only take one of the $2/1 target light bulb coupons and I also got the $1 donation coupon sheet. So it really “could have” been 59.08 but it wasn’t worth arguing about the coupon and if you haven’t guessed with my other posts – I love donating 😉

    6x Green Giant boxed veggies
    2x Yoplait Light Yogurt + Fiber 4 packs
    1/2 gallon skim milk (not on sale)
    2x Flatout Bread
    2x Crunchmaster seed chips
    2x 4 pack light bulbs
    1x Publix Fiberactive Cereal (not on sale)
    2x Sundown Vit B
    2x Emergen-C
    1x Refrigerator/Freezer thermometer (I just got a freezer today on craigslist for $45! Finally will be able to stock up instead of using my tiny dorm fridge’s teeny tiny freezer. Just want to be able to check the temp.)
    1x Meat thermometer instant read (old one broke)

    not too shabby, eh?

  4. lori says

    hi i need emgernc lots of it..i have a dear friend that son has to take multiples daily..please that stuff gets way expensive for her..if you need somewhere to donate it you can contact me and I will give it to her..Thanks for your time and have a Blessed year Lori

    • says

      lol! You are right Ann Marie! they were MM in my matchups with the $1/1 coupon! …. (that’s what happens when you copy paste).. thanks I’ll fix it!

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