New Update in The Winn Dixie E-Coupon Policy

Remember last week when I told about Winn Dixie’s new E-Coupon Policy? If not, click here to read the post.

Well today, Bill from Coupons In The News, just got informed that Winn Dixie will be changing the policy and  WILL NOT allow the stacking of paper coupons and e-coupons. That’s really sad!. I was so excited about this program.

What are your thoughts?

You can read Bill’s article here

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  1. bessy mae says

    my thoughts are: Winn Dixie does not get it. They keep closing stores while Publix during the recession has been opening a bunch of new stores. They make everything more difficult. I go to WD for a few deals, I have one a block away but I do my major shopping at Publix because their deals are so much better and they accept competitors coupons! I view WD as Walgreens. There are a few good deals there sometimes but CVS and Publix always seem to have the best deals and tons of store coupons availableto match with mf Qs and their promotions.

  2. Sue says

    I was already not going to Winn Dixie much (I’m definitely a Publix girl). Now I guess I just won’t bother with Winn Dixie at all. Good job Winn Dixie.

  3. figuringoutcouponing says

    Never went to Winn Dixie anyways. I feel bad for the people who only have a Winn Dixie like my sister in law. How miserable. Everyone should just shop at Publix. Winn Dixie is cleaning up some of its stores and spending a ton of money but they have terrible prices and no deals, and now this? The ones they havent cleaned up are basically roach houses and gross. (Can you tell how much I dislike them?)

  4. Jay says

    I always say WD is for Level0 Advanced couponers. Awesome deals do happen every week but you have to work harder and think more than it should be.
    I had hoped it would be better after Bi-Lo bought WD but guess not :(

  5. Jay says

    Take your Sally Hansen and Cover Girl coupons when you go this week. My store has a great deal of them on clearance.
    Using the Sally Hansen MQs found at CVS and CGs from my stack I got free eye shadows, eye liners, clear top coat and some color polishes…now I will look even prettier when I shop :p

    Also, while shopping yesterday I stumbled across a Kraft Rep going around the store placing tearpads and peelies and followed her around and scored lots of goodies.

    Lastly, at my store, the pyrex clearance continues as does the blue fabric-y things (can’t remember what they are called) used for cleaning kitchen counters for $1 a package.

  6. Leigh Anne says

    I just read the policy on W/D site and from what I read into it, you can stack…What is your interpretation?

    Q. Can I use an e-coupon and a paper coupon for the same item in a single transaction?
    A. Yes, up to the limit of the item purchase price.

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