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Weekly ad runs from June 7, until June 13th

It’s a great week to shop at Penn Dutch, even though the ad is short, I am stocking up on chicken breasts! this is definitely a stockpile price

Here’s this week’s HOT List:

-Grade A Chicken Breasts 99 cents lb.

-Tilapia Filets $2.99 lb.

-Bakery Crumb Cakes $2.99 each Yumm!!!

-Fresh Blueberries $1.99 per pint

-Kiwi 6 for 99 cents

-Green Onions, bunch 40 cents each

-Eggplant & Squash 79 cents per lb.

Coupons Codes:

$10 off a $100.00 purchase
Code 703-421-564
expires 06/13/2012
$5 off a $50.00 purchase
Code 603-456-384
expires 06/13/2012
Remember to register to their email list here and use the promo code 8032212 in order to use these coupons and to receive your free 34 oz. Penn Dutch brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

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  1. peter says:

    keep us informed about weekly fish specials halibbut squid snapper mackeral and meat specials especially lamb

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