Publix Ad & Matchups (1/10- 10/16)- Updated

It’s a good week at Publix!My prayers were answered we got some Weight Watchers coupons!… If you’re on a diet (like me!) this is your week to shop. Tons of healthy/diet items BOGO!


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  1. sissy says

    Great matchup!!
    I was just wondering, do you include great deals from the yellow and green flyer in your weekly matchups too?
    Sissy :)

    • says

      Hi Sissy! I have a separate post for the Green and Yellow Advantage flyer deals BUT- coupons from them are always included in the weekly matchups!

      • sissy says

        I wish there was a way to include atleast the really good deals on the weekly matchups, so all could be printed together….as well as any new deals that are found throughout the week.
        Could they be added at the end of the weekly matchups just so everything is altogether.
        Thanks Tiffany….you do a wonderful job and I love your site!

  2. Patty D says

    I thought when you are using a BOGO mq it attaches to both items. How can we also use the $1/1mq on the Gilette shave cream?

  3. Jay says

    Anyone that loves Stacy’s Chips. Last week we got a SQ1/2 in the Sunday paper. My Publix has a tearpad by the chips for another MQ1/2. That 2 bags for $3…and these are extra yummy.

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