Publix Ad & Matchups (1/31- 2/06)

It’s a great ad with lot’s of game time deals! Lot’s of snacks and meats BOGO!.

Note: Don’t forget to press the “Display all Matchups” button when prompted. There will be 2 buttons in this post. Make sure you press both to see the entire ad.




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  1. figuringoutcouponing says

    Im most excited about the ketchup. I have none and have refused to pay full price. I only eat Heintz. I now NEED a coupon! I see a major stock up happening. My kids are sick of me making them use BBQ sauce. Its almost sad. I still have pasta. I think last time I over did it if there is such a thing with buying pasta…

    • says

      Heinz coupons are very rare… we got only one last year (in August). So if you see them BOGO and it’s the only brand you eat.. stock up without coupons, it’s still half off!

  2. figuringoutcouponing says

    Oh I am. I just cant believe they dont give out coupons. The one they did give was either 50 cents or 75 cents. I saw a $5 bottle of ketchup the other day. They need to give out more and in higher values. Thats rediculous. I dont know if its the only brand, but even Publix brand tastes better than Hunts. (Which is forever on sale with a bunch of coupons and they could only pay me to take… lol)

  3. wilmi says

    Happy reported Lipton Brisk is part of the B2G2 Pepsi deal. There’s a $1/2 Lipton Iced Tea or Brisk, any 12-packs
    SS 01/20/2013

    Buy 12 @ $4.99 B2G2(local price)
    = 29.94
    1 – $5/$30 WD
    6 – $1/2 MQ SS 1/20
    =18.94/1.57 each..This is def a stock up price

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