Winn Dixie Ad & Matchups (1/23- 1/29)

It’s an ok week at Winn Dixie… what do you think?


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  1. Jay says

    Cristal Light BOBO also has a Catalina deal vaild thru 1/31 and is detailed in the catalina site…B2get$1, B3+get$2 and B5+get$5 which can bring as much as 6 item for about $4

    There is a SQ for OM luchmeats + Kraft cheese by the coldcut section. Used these last years with MQs for weeks and weeks for free cheese or lunchmeats at WD and other stores. Be on the lookout for these small red and white flyers.

    Some nice peelies by the butter section for new LandOlakes products one of which is on sale this week.

    All You Magazine has an Arby’s/Checkers potato ($1) coupon and these are on sale (unadvertised) at 2/$3…not too bad.

  2. Jay says

    $3.99 BOGO
    There is pulie at WD or maybe Publix for $1/2.
    Double checked the ctalina offer and this is the update on what I posted before:
    The Catalina deal thru 1/31 is B3get$1.50 – B4get$2.50 or B5+get$5
    The link to the coupon network deal is here:

    Best offer is buy 6 for $11.97 use 3 $1/2 paying $8.97 and that will get you a $5 off your next order. Makes each canister .66 cents. That’s pretty good if you like this product.

  3. Dee says

    Will be picking up several bags of chicken leg quarters for the dogs – they are on a raw diet and $.79 a lb in 10 lb bags is a good price.

    I’ve yet to find a WD where they do not give me a hassle everytime I use coupons so I rarely go there. It’s too bad because they remodeled the one at Hiatus and I595 and it’s beautiful…

  4. Jay says

    Del Monte tomato $2MM!!!
    This week under WD’s dependable deals 14.5oz. diced tomatoes are listed as $1 per can.

    If you are a member of DelMonte site you got today a B1B1 coupon. Print 2 and buy 4 cans at WD for $0 and…

    Matching catalina for So.Fl. zip codes only (check yours to see is available:
    B3 or more and get $2

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