6 Typical Mexican Food That Starts to Favor of the World

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The Mexican country is famous for its unique flavors. Well, in Indonesia, Mexican cuisine already guns foreign again lho on the tongue. Anyone ever tried? Take a peek at 6 typical Mexican food that has become a favorite in our country guys, really delicious!

1. Chile Con Carne

Make that demen pedes, lo mandatory cobain Chile Con Carne guys. Spicy milled meat cooked with chili ancho (large chilli that is dried until the color is blackish) is guaranteed to make the tongue sway. Initially, this chile con carne served with bread guys. Well, now cheap hawker this one already popular lho in tongue Indonesia.

2. Burritos

Food this one is not Just popular in Mexico, but in Texas burrito is eaten as breakfast menu you know. Let’s be more complete, they enjoy it with sour cream, guacamole, and tomato salsa. This tortilla roll is usually filled with rice, beans, meat, and cheese. Before rolled, tortillanya skin steamed first ya let somewhat supple. Kudu try guys!

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3. Quessadila

This Mexican food literally means toast with melted cheese contents. Duh yummy really for sure! The popular version of Quesadilla uses turkey, cheddar cheese, fajita and paprika. Usually served in a folded or double sheeted way. Well, good luck at home guys.

4. Enchiladas

Still typical with tortillas, this one Mexican food is also delicious guns lost. The tortillas rolls that contain meat and cheese are usually the most delicious eaten by dipping them into chili sauce.

5. Fajita

This one meal used to be served to the workers of Spanish descent as their wages. Her meat is cooked by the way in the grill and served on a hot skillet. Meat commonly used, namely beef, chicken, or can also with seafood. It seems, guaranteed to make nagih.

6. Nachos

Made from tortilla skin again guys. Nachos also become a successful Mexican food make drool. Leather tortilla this one cut a triangle, then fried. Toppingnya use melted cheese and chili slices. Wow, that’s it. Eits, nachos have its own history lho. This dish comes from Northern Mexico born from the hands of Ignacio Anaya, who is familiarly called Nacho. He is a restaurant manager who creates snacks for the American soldier’s wife from Texas in 1943. Cool right?

For those of you who have not tried the typical Mexican food just now, in Indonesia already many lho restaurant has a typical Mexican menu. So, direct browsing deh on the Internet, guaranteed to make addictive.

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